Path to Employment

Oregon high school students with intellectual and developmental disabilities receive a career-development plan before leaving school.  Cornerstone has long been providing job seekers with opportunities to develop job skills through employment at one of our diverse and independent businesses.

As a business owner, you can benefit from hiring our skilled and motivated participants. Your business has a variety of functions and its own unique culture, we work with you to fill the the specific need(s) your company has. We provide on-site, no-cost, on the job training to ease the transition from job seeker to valued employee.

Information for Businesses Looking for Employees

We provide job analyses and onsite training. Once an employee is hired our staff learns your job and inducts your employee to the nuances of their position. Over time as your new employee will gain skills and confidence, enabling them to function more independently and require less facilitation. If you need us for any reason, including training updates, Cornerstone will be there at no cost to you.


Pre-screened job applicants

We have firsthand experience with our job seekers and will match their skills to your position.

Job specialization and restructuring

We specialize in tailoring full and part-time positions to meet your business needs.

On the job training

We provide onsite job training, reducing your overall costs.

Ongoing training

Our staff of skilled professionals provide ongoing job training.

Interested in hiring an Associate?

Please contact us today to hire an associate and make a difference for your business and our community.