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Cornerstone currently operates two companies. Our diversification means that Associates can utilize their individual strengths, working and developing employment skills in a real-world work environment. We continue to develop new programs and opportunities.

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Meet the Crew

Cornerstone Associates serves over 100 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the greater Benton and Linn County areas, helping to give all people the opportunity to do excellent work and achieve greater levels of self-sufficiency.

Meet the full crew

Michael MacCollin

Associate Since 2012
I’m working with people I really like. They care about me and really teach me the job.

Cornerstone Landscape Maintenance

Cornerstone: Hi Michael, we tried to interview you early this morning but you were on your way to a job.

Michael: Oh yeah, we get out there early and work hard. Sometimes if we get a out early we can get home early. I’ve been here for six years and we have work contracts all over, OSU, ASI, The Metal Park, the airport and lots of other places.

C: What do you do?

M: I do everything but a lot of it is mowing, sitting and push. I trim with the weed wacker and I also rake lots of leaves this time of year. I like most all of it, its hard work but I make money at it.

C: Are you learning good work skills?

M: Yeah, for me some of it was leaving my problems at home so I can focus on my job. I spend a lot of time with my Supervisor learning how to do that and it has helped at work and also at home.

C: What is your favorite part of the job?

M: I’m working with people I really like. They care about me and really teach me the job. I make mistakes but I learn from them too.

Mary Collins

Associate Since 2012

Mary talked with us at Taylor Street Ovens, a bakery and deli at which Cornerstone Associates learn important work skills.

Cornerstone: How long have you been an associate with us?

Mary: Since 2012, before that I had work as a janitor but some of my family members had health problems, they needed me more and then I ended up getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which made it very hard for me to do janitorial, even though I liked it.

C: What is your position at Taylor Street Ovens?

M: Assistant Baker, my managers Jeff, Lou and Sherry and have shown me how to do different jobs here.

C: Tell us about that:

M: Well, I am learning to run a cash register. It was hard to run it at first and it ,still is but I am learning. I also scoop cookies do dishes and clean lots of things. If I run out of things to do, I do dishes, I try to help my Supervisors.

C: What is the hardest part of your job?

M: It has to be wholesale taking orders down from customers. That’s tough.

C: What is your favorite part of the job?

M: Learning new skills, and this may sound funny, but I really like to clean. I don’t like things dirty.

C: Are you learning things at TSO which will help you find a better job in the future?

M: Right now I’m not thinking too much of the future, I need to learn this job first.

C: What’s your favorite thing to eat here?

M: It has to be the Oatmeal Cookies, they taste so good.

Lin Musick

Associate Since 2015
"I used to have a hard life and calling me by the name Lin is a sign of respect." Lin Musick

The first thing you might learn upon meeting Taylor Street Oven’s most recent (and perhaps most gregarious) employee, Peterline Musick is that she wants to be called Lin. When asking her about the source of her very unusual first name, you will be met a slight smile, and a rolling of eyes which will inform you that the subject is closed.

Lin: I used to have a hard life and calling me by the name Lin is a sign of respect.

Cornerstone: How long have you been working at Taylor Street Ovens?

L: Not two weeks, I am pretty sure that I am the newest employee.

C: Have you ever worked in a bakery before?

L: No, I took Culinary in High School in Lincoln City. I lived there with my parents who adopted me. I am from West Africa and moved here when I was 13.

C: What was it like to move from West Africa to Lincoln City?

L: It was scary and like I said, life was hard for me. I took care of my siblings a lot.

C: What are some of the differences between West Africa and Oregon?

L: Can you tell I like food? The food was different there, I had a garden there, lots of vegetables which I still love.  One thing I learned to cook in Culinary was Omelets, and I still make vegetable omelets all the time and I have a vegetable garden here with tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.

C: How did you get a job at TSO?

L: I was volunteering at the Carousel in Albany, I did many things there including carving horses. Eventually I got an application for work at TSO and I filled it out. Here I am.

C: What was your first day at TSO like?

L: I was nervous, maybe scared, but everyone was nice and they showed me around. After that they had me scooping cookies, I really liked that. Now I am learning how to make sandwiches.

C: Do you have a favorite sandwich at TSO?

L: Ham and pickles is a basic sandwich, but it’s my favorite.

C: What do you like best about working at TSO?

L: It has to be the people. They are so nice and I am learning many new things. Learning about being responsible is maybe the most important. I love to work and I think the best thing about America is that you can work and you have a chance to get the things you want. For instance I think I might like to work with children in the future. I am learning sign language and I think that is something I would like to share with them.

C: Thanks for a great interview Lin… now for a silly question. Who is your favorite pop singer?

L: Well, one of my favorite singers is Carrie Underwood because she is a great role model who dresses appropriately and cares about her music and her fans.

C: Thank you for a great interview Lin.

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